"The best undershirt I've ever owned, bar none. I wear UnderFit everyday." - Kyle, Goldman Sachs

Made & Designed in the USA

We take great pride in the fact that our high quality undershirts and fabric are made in the USA. This ensures that our shirts are high quality and built to last. We work hard to give you the best undershirt on the market, and a big part of being the best undershirt on the market is ensuring that our undershirts have quality stitching that will help them last for years.

Extra Long Tailored Cut

Our shirts are cut extra long and slim. They are cut extra long to ensure that they will not come untucked throughout the day. They have a slim fit to ensure that you don’t have any excess fabric under your button down giving you “undershirt gut”. They are made with a malleable fabric so they will conform to all body types. Our extra long, slim, tailored fit is part of the reason that people say we make the best undershirt.

Superior Thin Fabric

Our undershirts are the best undershirts on the market because they are comfortable and functional. Our fabric is thin, soft, malleable, durable and highly absorbent. A thin, light and soft fabric is a must for a truly comfortable undershirt. An absorbent, durable fabric is a must for a truly functional undershirt. We combine all of these attributes into one high quality undershirt, which is why it is the best undershirt out there.